Bracketology made beautifully.

We built a platform that brings unrivaled harmony and ultimate joy to both consumer and company. We’ve planted the seed of everything wonderful that’s sure to blossom into something beautiful. Welcome to Bracketopia!

Promotion savvy enough to sit beside a generation equally so.

The reality is that more younger-generation consumers often disengage at the first sight of an ad or react negatively to shallow promotional schemes. What is making traction with these consumers is the personal endorsement of products from their trusted peers.

Bracketopia™ simply offers what we've all grown to love. Free stuff. Players endorse our prize-winning motivation with every tap of the screen.

Our rapidly growing community is proof that it’s turning into a winning trade. Our engaging audience actively shares personal opinions and provides feedback on favorite things, from the hottest trending brands to the products and services companies provide.

The place to score favorites.

A nirvana for brands.

It’s a bit of hopeful fun. Every tap of the screen indicates every favorite that’s ours, somehow revealing a little more about who we are and what makes us uniquely us. It’s a calming feeling. One that brings happiness and reminds each of us what triggers our joy.

It’s a place for the brands we love and the products that make our day brighter. It’s the place of winning opinion on a new gaming platform that's both fun and easy to play. Our partners need only witness the possibilities to promote. We're taking passive product placement to a higher level.

Let us show you the good.

We're big sports fans! But, equally, we're fanatics of marketing, too. So we saw an opportunity to combine the two for some captivating entertainment, thus creating an exacta of unique opportunity in marketing brands and promoting products through mobile entertainment.

Join us to gather the wealth of knowledge that's waiting for you and your brand through willing players who are eager and at the ready to provide it. Reach out and let’s talk.  We'll show you the potential of a new, revolutionary game done right!


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