Leave a better impression.

The timing couldn't be better.

Every contest we host is a timed event that drives our player base yearning to compete. Through offered prize incentives, willing participants provide meaningful input that we deliver quickly to you.

A younger, more savvy generation seems to ignore the traditional market research methods we relied on, our challenge is to find a better way. Even though every contest created has a limited life span, each will provide meaningful connection to those most difficult to reach.

Irons, flyers, and chairs. Oh MY!

Airline, Sky, Fliers

It might seem like you just landed in somewhere near the land of Oz, but kid you not—the place is real. We'll collect the most useful data and deliver more precise analytics than you can shake a witch’s stick at. No matter your brand, product, or service offered, we’ll provide ideas on the type of results you could find useful and then help you get it.

So don’t be the scarecrow or a cowardly lion. Listen to your heart and follow our mellow-click road. You'll start seeing results that show you that you're not in Kansas anymore.

Tired of cost per mille vanilla?

We’ve created an alternative that goes well beyond counting mindless glances at a page—one that not only scoops up cold, hard impressions but reaches deeper into the mind’s eye of the consumer. So we offer this great benefit in a new category of charge model: the cost per tournament player (CPTP).

CPTP comes as part of our standard CPM model and provides brand owners with a detailed dive into all the captured tournament data for true analytics and more complete customer profiling.

Don’t be satisfied just crunching the numbers from your current advertising publishers. Maybe now it's time to put the freeze on them.

We don’t feel it’s in sync with your goals. CPM is one of the industry measures for pricing advertising rates online, but you should expect more. You know it's true!

Prolific user profiles that go beyond a single brand.

Data captured from the collective tournaments our users enter create a crystallizing picture of impressive profiles for every player. It's an emotional DNA-makeup of the users who participate in your sponsored events. We offer premium access to this treasure trove of information, which can help you understand more holistically what motivates your customers. Prolific? Sure. But we think it's pretty terrific, too!

Irons, flyers, and chairs. Oh MY!

Airline, Sky, Fliers

Airline, Sky, Fliers



 and chairs
Oh MY!

Airline, Sky, Fliers