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´╗┐Contest ID # Player Winning Prize
FOO18-SNA-010 taylorjwells $20 Snack Size Pack (4 lbs) Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
ENT18-TEL-017 Espo $50 Netflix Gift Card
SPO18-TEA-018 Ereku113 $50 Lids Gift Card
FAS18-BEA-019 Espo $40 Target Gift Card
ENT18-MUS-020 Berger8503 $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
FAS18-CLO-021 magresta $20 Amazon Gift Card
HOM18-INT-022 RHubb $68 Aurora Multi Area Rug
TRA18-DES-024 Amandarenna $50 Gift Card
SPO18-TEA-025 Colnan $50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
CUL18-ART-026 Tbaumga $50 Target Gift Card
SPO18-TEA-027 Jon $50 Starbucks Gift Card
FOO18-GRO-028 Sparkles $50 Favorite Grocery Store Gift Card
FOO18-RES-029 Jon $50 Cheescake Factory Gift Card
FAS18-ACC-030 MamaMia $30 XMLiZhiGu Shoulder Crossbody Bag
PER18-LEI-031 Melissabail $50 Brookstone Gift Card
TRA18-NAT-032 Kinger $80 National Park Service Annual Park Pass
FAS18-ACC-033 mark6320 $40 Starbucks Gift Card
FOO18-SNA-034 $30 Starbucks Gift Card
SPO18-OUT-035 Kinger $25 Cabela's Gift Card
ENT18-MUS-036 Sparkles $50 Guitar Center Gift Card
AUT18-CAR-037 Bubble_Boy $50 GameStop Gift Card
FOO18-GRO-038 Jamie $25 Target Gift Card
SPO18-OUT-039 corygreenfield $25 Adidas Golf Galaxy
PER18-LEI-040 Berger8503 $25 Old Navy Gift Card
SER18-CON-041 RHubb $50 Kohl's Gift Card
TRA18-NAT-042 Bubble_Boy $80 Target Gift Card
FAS18-CLO-043 Amandarenna $10 Bath & Body Works Gift Card
LIT18-BKS-044 Sparkles $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
SER18-CRE-045 Johnz $50 Fandango Gift Card
SPO18-TEA-046 Midwestjuggernauts $25 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
ENT18-MOV-047 Joey Stacks $25 AMC Gift Card
FOO18-GRO-048 Ttank $25 Papa Johns Gift Card
HOM18-EXT-049 $25 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card
FOO18-RES-050 Juliagulia4 $25 Taco Bell Gift Card
TRA18-DES-051 Steelers / SUMIT $25 GameStop Gift Card
CUL18-CRA-052 Sparkles $25 GAP Gift Card
ENT18-MOV-053 Joey $25 AMC Gift Card
AUT18-CAR-054 MikeC $25 AutoZone Gift Card
PER18-FAV-055 HoneyBadger $25 Target Gift Card
SPO18-TEA-056 Sararooney $25 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
TRA18-DES-057 corygreenfield $25 Gift Card
WOR18-NEW-058 Juliagulia4 $25 Bath & Body Works Gift Card
FOO18-SNA-059 Bubble_Boy $20 GameStop Gift Card
SPO18-GEN-060 Juliagulia4 $25 Target Gift Card
HOM18-EXT-061 Bronco2 $25 1800-Flowers Gift Card
FAS18-BEA-062 Jon $50 Neiman Marcus Gift Card
ENT18-MOV-063 Rubia $25 AMC Gift Card
FOO18-COO-064 corygreenfield $25 Target Gift Card
TRA18-DES-065 MamaMia $25 Gift Card
HOM18-FAM-067 Mini2018 $25 Ulta Beauty Gift Card
HEA18-FIT-068 MangoMan $25 Cabela's Gift Card
FAS18-ACC-069 MangoMan $25 Morenitor Silver Daisy Flowers
SPO18-TEA-070 Dilli $25 Cabela's Gift Card
ENT18-MOV-071 Bubble_Boy $20 GameStop Gift Card
FOO18-BEV-072 corygreenfield $20 Target Gift Card
TRA18-DES-073 Bubble_Boy $25 Gift Card
SPO18-TEA-074 Gideon $25 Lids Gift Card
FAS18-ACC-075 Lex00:) $25 Starbucks Gift Card
ELE18-CAM-076 corygreenfield $25 Adidas Gift Card
SPO18-TEA-077 Johnz $25 Lids Gift Card
ENT18-TEL-078 Sparkles $25 Target Gift Card
FOO18-GRO-079 Chazz $25 Target Gift Card
ENT18-TEL-080 PeteyTturner $25 Best Buy Gift Card
TRA18-NAT-081 Mini2018 $25 Ulta Beauty Gift Card
FAS18-ACC-082 JoeyStacks $25 Macy's Gift Card
SPO18-TEA-083 Espo $25 Cabela's Gift Card
LIT18-BKS-084 LaurenHaley $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
FOO18-RES-085 MartyTadman $25 Amazon Gift Card
ENT18-MUS-086 LaurenHaley $25 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
WOR18-ECO-087 Cyrus $25 Target Gift Card
PER18-FAV-088 Joey $25 Brookstone Gift Card
ELE18-GAD-089 PeteyTturner $25 Best Buy Gift Card
AUT18-CAR-090 Naelynn $25 Target Gift Card
FOO18-COO-091 Adray7 $25 Target Gift Card
ENT18-GAM-092 corygreenfield $25 GameStop Gift Card
SPO18-OUT-093 Johnz $25 Fandango Gift Card
FAS18-SHO-094 NBoylan $25 Athleta Gift Card
LIT18-BOO-095 Bubble_Boy $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
FOO18-COO-096 _.ashley._.liz._ $25 Sur La Table Gift Card
ENT18-MOV-098 Adray7 $25 GameStop Gift Card
SPO18-GEN-099 Jmmcdupont $25 Michael's Gift Card
HEA18-WEL-100 Kooper88 $25 Bath & Body Works Gift Card
FOO18-SNA-101 Espo $25 Lids Gift Card
TRA18-NAT-102 Joaniegoetsch123 $25 Cabela's Gift Card
ENT18-TEL-103 HolliH436 $25 Target Gift Card
HEA18-FIT-104 Nolan $25 Foot Locker Gift Card
FAS18-ACC-105 Bronco2 $25 Target Gift Card
TRA18-DES-106 Mbiggie1 $25 Lowes Gift Card
FOO18-COO-107 Espo $25 Target Gift Card
SPO18-TEA-108 mark6320 $25 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
ENT18-MOV-109 jessieb00 $25 AMC Gift Card
CUL18-ART-110 HiFellas $25 Michaels Gift Card
FAS18-ACC-111 Juliagulia4 $25 Target Gift Card
TRA18-DES-112 raloaner $25 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
FOO18-SNA-113 $25 Target Gift Card
SPO18-TEA-114 eplocinik $25 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
CUL18-WOR-115 Bubble_Boy $25 Target Gift Card
ENT18-TEL-116 Martytadman $25 Build-A-Bear Gift Card
FAS18-BEA-117 Bronco2 $25 Sephora Gift Card